Basic Care: Anthuriums

A guide to the basic needs of Anthuriums.

Temperature:  Indoors or porch during warm days and night (above 55 degrees). Avoid strong fluctuations.

Light: Indirect sunlight. A well lit room about 5 feet from the window  or the shadier parts of the porch as long as it still has high light exposure.

Watering: Water frequently but allow the soil to dry slightly between                   waterings. Anthuriums need proper drainage or the plant will begin to rot and die. Mist the plant frequently (2+ times a day) including the roots above the soil. Anthuriums are native to tropical environments and like humidity. For this reason, it would love to be outside during a warm, rainy day.

Maintenance: Remove dead leaves and cut dead stems to about an inch. If  you notice the leaves are starting to brown or shrivel, it is either getting too much sun or too little water.

Transplanting: Anthuriums are ready to be transplanted if there is a large amount of aerial roots, the plastic around the soil is bulging, roots extend to the drainage holes, or the water no longer holds the soil.


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