Basic Care: Caput Medusae Air Plant

photo courtesy of Air Plants Nursery 

A simple reference guide to the Caput Medusae Air Plant.

Temperature: No lower than 55 degrees (keep indoors)

Light: Bright, Indirect light. Not directly in front of a window (could cause the leaves to burn. You can make an exception during winter when the light period is shorter and at a lower angle in the sky), but located in a bright room.

Circulation: All air plants need air circulation. If keeping in a jar, make sure to leave the lid open and remove once a week.

Watering/Baths: Mist whenever plant is dry (roughly twice a week), but let the leaves dry  out in between or else it could cause rot. Once a week, soak them in a bath. The length of the bath is dependent on the state of the plant. Parched plants will need an hour plus, while healthy plants may be able to get by with 20-30 minutes. In winter, bathe the plant every 2-3 weeks for about an hour. In warmer months, this may be necessary every 1-2 weeks.

To bathe the plant, fill a container with water that is deep enough to submerge the plant. Rainwater is best but tap water works, too. If using tap water let water it sit for a day before putting in plant. Put the plant in the water while it’s morning. Water that does not evaporate before evening can negatively affect respiration. Once done, shake out the plant and set upside down to dry. The plant should be able to dry in 4 hours or less. Some sites say to let it bath for up to 3 hours, if you feel the plant needs more water, go ahead! (You can tell based on the firmness of the leaves). If you find that the plant is drying too much between baths, feel free to increase frequency and alter the time (may need less than an hour if doing every week).


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