My Plants

Meet all of my new plants!


1. Haworthia
2. Graptoveria Titubans – currently in the process of propagating it since it was a little leggy when I bought it.
3. Another Haworthia! I didn’t realize when i bought it that it didn’t have roots, so I don’t expect to live. Crossing my fingers anyways!
4. Waiting for the leaves to callous over! This is only about half of them
5. The tips of my Graptoveria
6. I’m going to see if I can grow a flower in this haha. I thought it would be fun to try.
7. Anthurium. I think it’s a little sunburnt, so i’ve moved to it a shadier part of my room. I also think I’m going to have to transplant it soon.
8. Caput Medusae Air Plant. I just gave it it’s first bath, so it’s looking much happier!

p.s. The bowls seen in pictures 2,3 and 5 were purchased from Target.



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